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Hello all, this message is for anyone thinking about buying a healthy pei from this god awful woman Barbara Dion. Our family grew up with this amazing breed and still do.

I personally have an 11 year old shar pei that is healthy ANd amazing. I wish I could say the same for my parents. Last year we purchased two peis from barbara thinking we were in heaven with how many she has but it was stupid of us to think so. She had like 15 ******* dogs there...anyways, when we get home both puppies are lethargic and not acting like puppies should so we took them to the vet and one of them did not make it...he had worms, coccidia, and a cast amount of white blood cells that they couldn't get back to was devastating.

We managed to save our sweet Rainbow but with a lot of money and time. What do you think Barbara had to say about this? Ignored us...said we were bad owners..we were harassing her...uh no, devastated an entire famoly as well as many others with your puppy mill dogs. We took her all the way to court and she still hasn't paid the vet bills...shes a fraud and a horrible person.

Barbara Dion, you have what is coming to you..karma..and I promise it will be beautiful. Some advise for families looking for a pei partner..please go with a family that does it for love of thier pups and not someone just trying to make a profit.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you. Barbara the ******* clown deserves every ounce of grief that comes to her.

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You are a puppy mill Barbara. You need to be shut down.

All these complaints are false supposedly. Everyone is always spreading lies about you.

Come up with a new line Barbara. Your dogs are garbage and they are mass produced.

Beaux Art Chinese Shar Pei Verified Representative

Once again the entire review above is totally 100% untrue. This person is trying to discredit me and is a really sick psychopath.

I know who it is.....He is mad because I would not sell him a dog two years ago when he moved to Tennessee because he is a puppy mill. He always posts his rants as anonymous because there is not a shred of true written here. I stand behind my dogs 100%.

If there truly was a problem - which there is not then post your name so I can contact you personally. Barbara Dion

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